Sunday, March 20, 2011

Should Obama Have A "Black Agenda"?

Our so called black leaders feels as though Obama needs to create a black agenda that solely focuses on black people. I have to disagree with them. For one, it isn't good politics. Is Obama supposed to go in on his first term and say "fuck the economy, I gotta focus on black people first"? He would've been shot dead before he could even say black. I don't understand why people expect Obama to wave some magic wand and all of  a sudden everyone has their 40 acres and a mule. Also he wouldn't get elected a second term. Obama's biggest haters, Tavis Smiley and Cornell West, thinks he should ballyhoo for this type of plan. However my question is, how come Tavis Smiley and our so called black leaders aren't starting grass roots movements to have congress push for laws and programs to get passed? Congress makes the laws!  Obama just says yay or nay. Tavis knows that nothing can be passed without governments permission. Tavis also knows about the checks and balances system that goes on in this country. So my question is should the President push for a Black Agenda or is that left up to our black leaders and not the president??

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