Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I Cant Be Faded"

I remember when I first put my hands on Dr. Dre’s, "The Chronic." I didn't buy the tape, it was dubbed for me. My favorite song on that classic album was, "Deeez Nuuuuts". When I first heard it, I said, "who is this no singin’ mf on this record?" The more I heard this guy, the more I rocked with it. The next thing you know I'm singing, "IIIIIIIII can't be faaaaaaaaded, I'm a nigga from the mf streeeeeets." One year later Snoop’s "Doggystyle" dropped with the anthem "Ain't No Fun." Soon after, the world would knew the Nate Dogg sound.

In hip hop, there was a time when Nate Dogg had to be on your record or else it wasn't a hit. So many artist used his formula for success: Tupac, DMX, Ja Rule, Master P, 50 cent and even T-Pain. Nate Dogg’s gospel-gangsta baritone voice will be missed. In a time in which gangsta rappers didn't sing, Nate made it a million dollar trademark. 
O.G Nate D-0 double G.

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